Nadežda SILAŠKI holds a PhD in Linguistics and is Professor of English for Economists at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Belgrade. Her research interests include critical and multimodal discourse analysis, metaphor studies, genre analysis, ESP. She is the author of a monograph on anglicisms in the Serbian economics discourse, co-author of a monograph on the Serbian public discourse as well as author or co-author of several ESP economics textbooks and practice books. She co-edited a volume on English for Specific Purposes at tertiary level in Serbia. She has published articles in Ibérica, Discourse, Context and Media, Metaphor and the Social World, English Today, Journal of Language and Politics, etc. and contributed several chapters to edited books with renowned publishers such as Bloomsbury, Routledge, John Benjamins. She has served as an external reviewer for a variety of journals and conference proceedings and in scientific boards of international conferences. She is on the Advisory Board of the Bloomsbury's book series entitled “New Perspectives for English for Academic Purposes” and a member of the board of directors of the Serbian Association for the Study of English (SASE). She currently participates in the COST Action CLIL Network for Languages in Education: Towards bi- and multilingual disciplinary literacies (CLILNetLE).

Recent Publications

Articles in Journals

Lalić-Krstin, G., Silaški, N., & Đurović, T. (2022). Meanings of -nomics in English: From Nixonomics to coronanomics. English Today, 1-8.

Silaški, N., Đurović, T. (2022). It's like being hit by a tsunami: The use of the NATURAL FORCE metaphor for conceptualising the COVID-19 pandemic in English and Serbian. Komunikacija i kultura online, XIII(13), 161-179.

Silaški, N., & Đurović, T. (2019). The JOURNEY metaphor in Brexit-related political cartoons. Discourse, Context & Media, 31, 100318.

Lalić-Krstin, G., Silaški, N. (2018). From Brexit to Bregret: An account of some Brexit-induced neologisms in English. English Today, 34(2), 3-8.

Silaški, N. (2018). Ka standardizaciji ekonomske terminologije [Towards the standardization of the economics terminology. Bankarstvo, 47(2), 100-107.

Đurović, T., & Silaški, N. (2018). The end of a long and fraught marriage: Metaphorical images structuring the Brexit discourse. Metaphor and the Social World, 8(1), 25-39.

Silaški, N., & Đurović, T. (2017). Saving the euro: A multimodal analysis of metaphors depicting the Eurozone crisis. Ibérica, 33, 125-146

Đurović, T., & Silaški, N. (2016). Multimodality and the construal of reality in political cartoons: The case of Serbia-EU relationship. Facta Universitatis, Series: Linguistics and Literature, 14(2), 117-128.

Chapters in Edited Books

Silaški, N., & Đurović, T. (2022). From an invisible enemy to a football match with the virus: Adjusting the Covid-19 pandemic metaphors to political agendas in Serbian public discourse. In A. Musolff, R. Breeze, K. Kondo, & S. Vilar-Lluch (Eds.), Pandemic and crisis discourse: Communicating Covid-19 and public health strategy (pp. 271-284). Bloomsbury Academic.

Đurović, T., & Silaški, N. (2022). The NATURAL DISASTER metaphor in the conceptualisation of crisis in news media discourse. In Gudurić, S., Dražić, J., & Stefanović, M. (Eds.), Jezici i kulture u vremenu i prostoru 10/1 [Languages and cultures in time and space 10/1] (pp. 263-271). Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad.

Silaški, N., & Đurović, T. (2021). Fortress Europe under siege: The representation of the European migrant crisis in political cartoons. In S. Gudurić, & T. Prćić (Eds.), Where our languages and cultures meet and mix: A view from Serbia: Selected papers from the research project Languages and Cultures in Time and Space (2011-2019) (pp. 571-585). Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad.

Silaški, N., & Đurović, T. (2020). Exploring the scope and power of the MARRIAGE metaphor in media discourse. In S. Gudurić, B. Radić-Bojanić, & P. Mutavdžić (Eds.), Jezici i kulture u vremenu i prostoru 9/1 [Languages and cultures in time and space IX/1] (pp. 359-369). ). Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad.

Silaški, N., Đurović, T. (2019). The Great Wall of Europe: Verbal and multimodal portrayals of Europe's migrant crisis in Serbian media discourse. In L. Viola, & A. Musolff (Eds.), Migration and media. Discourses about identities in crisis [DAPSAC 81] (pp. 183-202). John Benjamins Publishing Company.

Đurović, T., & Silaški, N. (2019). Barbed wire around Serbia: Migrant metaphors as a means of constructing national identity. In Lj. Šarić, & M.-M. Stanojević (Eds.), Metaphor, nation and discourse (pp. 59-74). John Benjamins Publishing Company.

Lalić-Krstin, G., & Silaški, N. (2019). Don't go brexin' my heart: The ludic aspects of Brexit-induced neologisms. In V. Koller, S. Kopf, & M. Miglbauer (Eds.), Discourses of Brexit (pp. 222-236). Routledge.

Silaški, N., & Đurović, T. (2016). The meaning of motivation in ESP at tertiary level. In B. Mišić-Ilić, & V. Lopičić (Eds.), Jezička istraživanja. Jezik, književnost, značenje [Language explorations: Language, literature, meaning] (pp. 715-727). Faculty of Philosophy, University of Niš.

Đurović, T., Silaški, N. (2016). Is your money mad, barren or smart?: Metaphorical and metonymical expressions with money in English. In S. Gudurić, N. Stefanović (eds.). Jezici i kulture u vremenu i prostoru V [Languages and cultures in time and space V]. (pp. 37-45). Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad.

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