Ana Bocanegra-Valle holds a PhD in English Philology and is a Senior Lecturer and Researcher at the University of Cádiz (Spain). She has wide experience of teaching EFL/ESP to undergraduate and postgraduate students and has researched extensively on Maritime English as a particular branch of ESP. Her main research interests include ESP pedagogy (language learning/teaching, communicative and language learning strategies, terminology and needs analysis as they relate to EFL/ESP development), ESP discourse analysis, English for research writing and publication purposes and English as a lingua franca. She was the editor-in-chief of Ibérica (the journal of the European Association of Languages for Specific Purposes, AELFE), for eight years, was the head of the University of Cádiz Press for four years, and is at present book review editor for the RESLA, the Spanish journal of Applied Linguistics (John Benjamins). She has served in the editorial board of several conference proceedings and has acted as an external reviewer for a variety of journals, conferences and publishers. She has participated in two Erasmus+ cofunded international research and cooperation projects as well as in two R&D+i projects. She is at present head of the research group “Languages applied to academic and profesional communication”.

Recent Publications

Edited Books

Guillén-Galve, I., & Bocanegra-Valle, A. (Eds.) (2021). Ethnographies of academic writing research: Theory, methods, and interpretation. Amsterdam, Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

Bocanegra-Valle, A. (Ed.) (2020). Applied linguistics and knowledge transfer: Internationalisation, employability and social challenges. Bern: Peter Lang.

Articles in Journals

Bocanegra-Valle, A. (2023, in press). Engaging in predatory practices: How editors persuade prospective authors. Círculo de Lingüística Aplicada a la Comunicación.

Bocanegra-Valle, A., & Mohebbi, H. (2021). Editorial: Future perspectives and challenges of ESP/EAP: In honor of Helen Basturkmen’s contribution to ESP/EAP research. Language Teaching Research Quarterly, 23, 1-4.

Bocanegra-Valle, A., & Basturkmen, H. (2019). Investigating the teacher education needs of experienced ESP teachers in Spanish universities. Ibérica, 38, 127-149.

Bocanegra-Valle, A. (2019). Building a reputation in global scientific communication: A SWOT analysis of Spanish humanities journals. Canadian Journal of Sociology, 42(1), 39-66.

Bocanegra-Valle, A. (2018). English as a lingua franca on the International Campus of Excellence: Initiatives and outcomes. EPIC Series in Language and Linguistics, 3, 12-18.

Bocanegra-Valle, A. (2017). Intercultural dialogicity in Maritime English course materials. EPIC Series in Language and Linguistics, 2, 92-101.

Chapters in Edited Books

Bocanegra-Valle, A. (2023, in press). Predatory journals: A potential threat to the dissemination of open access knowledge. In R. Plo Alastrué, & I. Corona Marzol (Eds.), Digital scientific communication: Identity and visibility in research dissemination. Palgrave Macmillan.

King-Ramírez, C., & Bocanegra-Valle, A. (2023, in press). La formación del docente para cursos de español para fines específicos en Estados Unidos, Europa y América Latina [Spanish for specific purposes teacher training in the United States, Europe and Latin America]. In B. A. Lafford, L. Sánchez-López, A. Ferreira Cabrera, & E. Arnó-Macià (Eds.), The Routledge handbook of Spanish for specific purposes. Routledge.

Bocanegra-Valle, A., & Perea-Barberá, M. D. (2023). A quantitative analysis of LSP teacher needs in the European higher education area. In M.-A. Châteaureynaud, & P. John (Eds.), LSP teacher training summer school: The TRAILs project (pp. 111-149). Peter Lang.

Bocanegra-Valle, A., & Guillén-Galve, I. (2021). Methodological reflections on and participatory episodes of ethnographic academic writing research. In I. Guillén-Galve, & A. Bocanegra-Valle (Eds.), Ethnographies of academic writing research: Theory, methods, and interpretation (pp. 1-20). John Benjamins.

Bocanegra-Valle, A. (2020). Applied linguistics at the interface between scholarly research and society. In A. Bocanegra-Valle (Ed.), Applied linguistics and knowledge transfer: Internationalisation, employability and social challenges (pp. 9-22). Peter Lang.

Bocanegra Valle, A. (2020). Researching academic genres, language and discourse with computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software. In M. L. Carrió-Pastor (Ed.), Corpus analysis in different genres: Academic discourse and learner corpora (pp. 146-166). Routledge.

Basturkmen, H., & Bocanegra-Valle, A. (2018). Materials design processes, beliefs and practices of experienced ESP teachers in university settings in Spain. In Y. Kırkgöz, & K. Dikilitaş (Eds.), Key issues in English for specific purposes (pp. 13-27). Springer.

Bocanegra Valle, A. (2018). Promotional discourse at internationalised universities: A critical discourse analysis approach. In F. J. Díaz Pérez, & M. A. Moreno Moreno (Eds.), Languages at the crossroads: Training, accreditation and context of use (pp. 175-188). Publicaciones de la Universidad de Jaén.

Bocanegra-Valle, A. (2017). Empowering the discourse of globalization in international organizations: The International Maritime Organization as a case in point. In M. Á. Orts, R. Breeze, & M. Gotti (Eds.), Power, persuasion and manipulation in specialised genres: Providing keys to the rhetoric of professional communities (pp. 51-70). Peter Lang.

Bocanegra-Valle, A. (2017). How credible are open access emerging journals?: A situational analysis in the humanities. In M. Cargill, & S. Burgess (Eds.), Publishing research in English as an additional language: Practices, pathways and potentials (pp. 121-149). University of Adelaide Press.

Bocanegra-Valle, A. (2016). Needs analysis for curriculum design. In K. Hyland, & P. Shaw (Eds.), The Routledge handbook of English for academic purposes (pp. 560-576). Routledge.

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